The SAA is expected to return to full flight on September 23rd

Johannesburg SAA will return to flight operations on September 23rd.

This news follows the national carrier’s commercial service discontinuation since early 2020.

Beginning December 11, 2018, the airline will launch four round-trip flights each week from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Accra, Kinshasa, Harare, and Lusaka.

Sales of tickets will begin on Thursday, August 26th.

Jolidee Matongo has been elected as the new mayor of Johannesburg

Jolidee Matongo of the African National Congress ( ANC ) was chosen during a special council meeting on Tuesday. 

According to the speaker, Nonceba Molwele, only one candidate was nominated for the council election

After a thorough vetting process of the three ANC candidates chosen by the regional executive committee, Matongo received approval from the ANC‘s top leaders last week. 

Matongo took a tough stance during his first press conference after being elected, saying that officials who fail to execute their jobs will be dealt with. 

Jolidee Matongo has been elected as the new mayor of Johannesburg

“They’ll have to sit at home, and if we have to go to the labor court, we’ll go,” he said. “We will ensure that the plans that are in place are implemented,” Matongo said, adding that he would carry on the work of the late Johannesburg mayor, Geoff Makhubo, and that the government had already been authorized and would only be tweaked if the elections were postponed. 

Makhubo died as a result of complications from the Covid-19 virus. 

“We must ensure that the issue of land invasion is addressed. The option of providing individuals with sites is on the table,” he said, adding that he would be a mayor who is on the ground with the people. 

ANC regional secretary Dada Morero told the media shortly before the council meeting that the party believes Matongo is up to the role and will steer the city in the correct path for the benefit and happiness of Johannesburg citizens. 

“As a seasoned public servant, Comrade Matongo has worked for the people of South Africa in a variety of capacities, including as the national trainer and project manager for the Management Schools Training Programmes during the 2001 census project. He has served as an operations manager for the City of Johannesburg’s housing department, as well as the city’s head of youth development programs and as a strategic adviser to the MMC of Finance. Comrade Matongo has been an ANC PR councillor since 2016, and in 2019 he was named MMC of Finance, a position he held until recently,” Morero stated. 

Matongo possesses a certificate in public management, a postgraduate degree in public management from Unisa, and a postgraduate diploma in management from the Milpark Business School, among other qualifications. At MANCOSA, he is working on his master’s degree in public administration. 

After losing Johannesburg in 2016 to a coalition led by the Democratic Alliance, the ANC declared it has good working relations with its coalition partners in the government of local unity. 

“These are party relations founded on certain agreed-upon ideals that we still hold dear and to which we remain dedicated. As a result, the ANC will continue to vote with coalition partners, and the existing party agreements between us and our allies will be honored. We recognize, value, and respect their commitment to service delivery, and as a result, we are optimistic that our shared goals of stability, service delivery, and progress will be realized,” Morero added. 

This comes after the government, in order to comply with the legislation, set the date for local government elections for October 27. Former deputy chief justice Dikgang Moseneke recommended that the vote be postponed to February next year, and the government has indicated that it will support the IEC’s legal quest to do so. 

Moseneke submitted a 120-page report to the IEC last month recommending that the polls be postponed because holding them in October would make them unfree and unfair because to limitations related to the Covid-19 epidemic. The report was accepted by the IEC. 

The ANC has also backed the IEC, but deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte stated party structures are working on the ANC’s election agenda and candidate selection. 

Duarte was giving a press conference about the results of the national working committee meeting held last week. She stated that the ANC electoral committee, led by former deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe, is overseeing the candidate selection process. She explained that the procedure is in place to guarantee that as many people as possible vote in the elections. 

“National authorities are holding interviews with candidates to fill openings for executive mayors of Johannesburg and Mangaung, in accordance with the decisions of the last NEC [national executive committee].” These procedures implement the 54th national conference’s resolutions to increase the rigor and integrity of the candidate selection process in order to ensure the deployment of appropriately qualified, skilled, and experienced members who uphold the highest values of integrity and selfless service to the people,” she said.

On Tuesday, the Johannesburg City Council will vote for a new mayor

Geoff Makhubo, a former mayor, died after contracting Covid-19

To comply with Covid-19 social distancing standards, the meeting will be held in person but dispersed among different places. 

Following the death of previous mayor Geoff Makhubo, the Johannesburg council is poised to vote for a new mayor on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the Johannesburg City Council will vote for a new mayor

After getting Covid-19, Makhubo died on July 9th.

The live-streamed 27th Extraordinary Council Meeting will be held at multiple locations in accordance with Covid-19 social distancing regulations. 

According to City Press, the ANC has 124 seats in the council and will need 12 votes from other parties to install its mayoral candidate. 

The DA was growing impatient with the lack of a major, claiming that it would impede service delivery. 

“There is a risk that if Joburg remains without a mayor for much longer, the MEC will have grounds to place the city under administration, which no one wants,” said Leah Knott, the DA’s Johannesburg caucus leader.

Three people were killed in a car accident in Johannesburg

The automobile they were traveling in flipped and rolled multiple times along the N12 near Lenasia, Johannesburg, killing three women and badly injuring another. 

The truck was discovered on its side in the middle of the highway on Saturday night, according to ER24 paramedics

Three people were killed in a car accident in Johannesburg

“Three ladies were discovered to have died as a result of their injuries. Unfortunately, paramedics were unable to save them, and they were pronounced dead on the site. Another woman was discovered with significant injuries and was taken to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital by ER24 “According to ER24. 

The accident‘s cause has yet to be determined.

Johannesburg Airport is now available for MSFS from NMG Simulations

With a new release on Microsoft Flight Simulator, developer NMG Simulations has returned to South Africa. This time, the crew is focusing on Johannesburg International Airport (FAOR). The airport serves as Johannesburg‘s principal airport and is the continent’s busiest, with 28 million people passing through each year. The airport is served by a variety of local and international airlines on a regular basis. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t much on the feature list that stands out. The only features described are a very detailed reproduction of the airport architecture, correct runway illumination, and compatibility with artificial intelligence traffic. 

Johannesburg Airport is now available for MSFS from NMG Simulations


Buildings at airports with a lot of detail. 

Runway/Apron Lighting that is accurate. 

Compatibility with AI-Traffic is 100%. 

Corrected the layout by adding a more accurate road network and vehicle traffic.

Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s imprisoned former president, is in hospital

Jacob Zuma, the former president of South Africa, has been brought to a hospital for observation near the Estcourt Correctional Center, where he is currently serving a 15-month prison sentence. 

The government stated on Friday that former South African President Jacob Zuma has been admitted for observation at a hospital near the Estcourt Correctional Center, where he is presently serving a 15-month prison sentence. 

Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s imprisoned former president, is in hospital

Zuma‘s incarceration last month provoked violent riots in the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, which swiftly devolved into widespread looting of retail malls and the torching of trucks in KwaZulu-Natal. More than 330 people were killed in the riots, and property worth more than R20 billion ($1.36 billion) was damaged. 

Zuma has petitioned the Constitutional Court to have his prison sentence overturned, and he is scheduled to appear in the Pietermaritzburg High Court next week in a second corruption trial. 

Zuma is in prison for refusing to testify in a state-backed investigation into charges of corruption during his presidency, which lasted from 2009 to 2018. 

According to the correctional services department’s statement, a regular checkup revealed that Zuma needed to be admitted to the hospital. 

“Mr. Zuma’s healthcare needs as a former president necessitate the involvement of the South African Military Health Services. This has been the case since his incarceration at Estcourt Correctional Center, according to the statement.

Airlink will resume direct flights between Johannesburg and Nampula

From September 16, 2021, Airlink will restart direct flights between Johannesburg and Nampula

The proposal aims to boost trade, tourism, and air cargo between Mozambique‘s northern capital and South Africa‘s key commercial hub. 

The airline has begun accepting reservations for the route’s twice-weekly service. Due to the epidemic, the route was halted in March of last year. 

Airlink will resume direct flights between Johannesburg and Nampula

Rodger Foster, CEO and Managing Director of Airlink, stated that the airline will contribute to the growth of commercial, trade, and economic links between South Africa and Mozambique by providing critical air connectivity. 

“Airlink is happy and excited to have the opportunity to support and serve businesses in this region, given Nampula’s strategic importance as northern Mozambique’s primary commercial centre for mining, agriculture, and tourism,” he said. 

So, what are the things to do in Nampula? The location lies 194 kilometers west and inland from the port towns of Nacala and Mozambique, and is known as Mozambique’s third-largest city. 

The new Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira 5-star boutique and luxury beach villas on the private island of Ilha Caldeira, just off the coast and reachable by helicopter and light aircraft, are among the several hotels and luxury lodges in the region. 

Modern Embraer Regional Jet aircraft will run Airlink’s Johannesburg-Nampula service. Every Tuesday and Thursday, return flights will be available. 

Flight 4Z 230 takes off from Johannesburg at 10.30 a.m. and arrives in Nampula at 13:00 p.m. Nampula-Johannesburg flight 4Z 231 departs at 13.35 p.m. and arrives at 16.15 p.m.

Jolidee Matongo is the front-runner for mayor of Johannesburg

Tshidi Madia, an Eyewitness News senior political correspondent, claims that the finance MMC is a member of the ANC‘s Johannesburg group, and that the ANC will interrogate him. 

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Johannesburg City Council has decided to contact the province government in an attempt to compel a sitting to pick the late Mayor Geoff Makhubo’s replacement, according to Eyewitness News

Jolidee Matongo is the front-runner for mayor of Johannesburg

Tshidi Madia, a senior politics correspondent at Eyewitness News, has more. 

“The council has been waiting for the African National Congress to decide on a mayoral candidate. When a council is elected, they are typically given 14 days to make a choice about the mayor; but, when something like this occurs – a sad event in which Geoff Makhubo passes away – there is no such requirement.” 

“What has been going on is that for the longest period, the ANC in council has been arguing their own factional issue of who to field. The DA has expressed dissatisfaction with the situation and has asked the province to intervene. The ANC claims to have names, claiming that they have been presented to Gauteng. 

“Leading the charge is MMC Jolidee Matongo, who was previously the ANC’s regional spokesperson and is now the finance MMC. He is a member of the ANC-affiliated faction in Johannesburg. His name must now be submitted to the ANC, and he must be interrogated. The ANC has implemented a procedure in which candidates are interviewed to ensure that they possess the necessary qualifications.”

In Johannesburg, a family of four was discovered dead

According to a CPF chairwoman, the inquiry is still ongoing and all alternatives will be investigated. 

A family of four was discovered dead at their house in Suideroord, Johannesburg, according to the Glenvista Community Policing Forum (CPF). 

In Johannesburg, a family of four was discovered dead

The incident was attended by members of the South African Police Service (Saps) in Mondeor, as well as the CPF Victim Support Unit. 

As of yet, no formal comment has been issued. “Early indications are that this may have been a family murder [or] suicide,” says Mike Fontes, chairman of the Mondeor CPF. 

Fontes stated that the inquiry was still ongoing and that all options will be investigated. 

The family was upset, according to a Facebook user who claims to know them — “our kids went to the same schools and played on the same basketball club.” 

Another Facebook user described it as “extremely terrible news,” adding that “mental illness, anxiety, and despair are on the increasing as a result of these trying times and Covid-19.” 

In Gqeberha, a murder suspect has been identified. 

In a separate incident, a 31-year-old man was arrested on various accusations, including attempted murder, theft from a motor vehicle, and trespassing with the purpose to steal, at the Gqeberha metro station. 

According to Saps, the incident occurred on Creswell Street in Sidwell: 

“On Saturday, July 31, 2021, at around 15:45 p.m., the security guard on the premises requested help after noticing three suspects climbing into the vehicle pound.” 

Three suspects ran in various directions after hopping over the border wall when Metro police arrived. One of the detainees attempted to strike the metro cop with a crowbar when the metro officer followed him. 

The officer fired one shot after warning the offender, hurting him in the upper groin area. The culprit was apprehended and transported to the hospital.

In Johannesburg, a Jab drive-through center has been built up in a parking lot

In an effort to expedite South Africa‘s COVID-19 immunization program, a drive-through center has been set up in the parking lot of the Houghton Mosque in Johannesburg

According to organizers, the center launched this week and has been administering around 700 Johnson and Johnson immunizations per day.

The mosque was chosen because it would provide a “pleasant” environment, according to Yaseen Theba, chairman of the Muslim Association of South Africa

In Johannesburg, a Jab drive-through center has been built up in a parking lot

He went on to say that the team was able to vaccinate in a sanitary environment while simultaneously dealing with reluctance difficulties because of the location. 

“It was terrifying at initially since you didn’t know what to anticipate,” Tumi Sedumedi, a Johannesburg resident, said. “I’m overjoyed that I was able to obtain it.”

As the campaign progresses, Gauteng Province, which includes Johannesburg, has raised the number of vaccine locations to 660. 

According to Mosa Mashabela, professor of public health at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, the statewide immunization campaign has “gone a long way with many problems,” particularly with “trying to get doses.” 

However, he claims that since the government‘s rollout began in mid-May, there have been “continuous improvements,” with over 200,000 individuals being vaccinated every day. 

So far, 7,504,373 vaccine doses have been provided across the country, according to the Department of Health. 

On Friday, 190,832 of them were given out. 

According to the Johns Hopkins University assessment, COVID-19 has killed over 71,400 people in the United States.

On Friday, a 3.6 magnitude earthquake shook Johannesburg

On Friday morning, a 3.6 magnitude earthquake struck Johannesburg

Did you feel the ground tremble on Friday morning? In Johannesburg, a 3.6 magnitude earthquake was felt. Here’s what we’ve learned so far. 

On Friday, a 3.6 magnitude earthquake shook Johannesburg

Details about the Joburg tremor 

On Friday, July 30th, at 6:34 SAST, a tremor struck Kathlehong

The hypocentre was ten kilometers deep. 

The earthquake had a value of 3.6 on the Richter Scale. 

26 342 S, 28 227 E are the coordinates for this location.

“At this point, it appears that the earthquake occurred in a mining area,” said Mahlatse Mononela, a spokesperson for the Council for Geoscience. “However, more details of the exact location are being gathered.” 

On Volcano Discovery, residents who felt the tremor reported the following: 

  • Benoni: There was a rattling sound coming from the sofa. 
  • It was just a small vibration with sound… Alberton, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng: 
  • nothing too ferocious 
  • Houses are trembling in Johannesburg’s south end. It was alarming. 
  • Boksburg: Approximately 3 seconds. It was a tense situation. All of the windows were shattered. The foundations were crumbling.
  • Germiston: Heavy rumbling, then a more calm roll out. 
  • Johannesburg South : All of the doors were trembling. 

Earthquakes have occurred recently. 

It happens more frequently than you might think. This month, South Africa had more than 40 earthquakes, including a 4.2 magnitude quake southeast of Springbok in the Northern Cape. 

According to Volcano Discovery, there were two earthquakes with magnitudes of 8.2 and 6.1 in the last 24 hours, as well as 12 quakes with magnitudes of 5.0 and 6.0 and 65 quakes with magnitudes of 4.0 and 5.0.

The epicenter of the largest earthquake in the past 24 hours was in the Gulf of Alaska, making it the greatest US quake in 50 years. Tsunami warnings were issued for South Alaska and Hawaii. 

Earthquake in Alaska 

The earthquake struck 91 kilometers southeast of Perryville, according to the USGS, and a tsunami warning was issued for south Alaska and the Alaskan peninsula.

Residents of Kodiak were seen fleeing to higher ground in videos published on social media, while tsunami warning sirens blared in the background. A buoy in the region’s southwest corner detected “significant variations” in the water level. 

The earthquake has an intermediate depth of 35 kilometers, according to Dr Alice-Agnes Gabriel, a seismologist at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Germany, which is higher than the USGS phase estimate of 23 kilometers.

YOCO, a digital payment business, has received funding

JOHANNESBURG, South AfricaYoco, a payments startup based in South Africa, aims to hire 200 individuals in the following year. 

This is thanks to an R1.2 billion series-C investment round from elite investors, as demand for its digital payment systems surges among small firms. 

YOCO, a digital payment business, has received funding

The money will be used to help the start-up expedite the development of its financial ecosystem, according to the business

This includes payment methods like as online and in-store, as well as company software and financing. 

It also plans to expand its business outside of South Africa

Currently, the fintech company has over 150,000 merchants.

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Devices Expand the Capabilities of South African Content Creators

The Galaxy Fold, Samsung‘s first foldable phone, was released in 2019 and marked the beginning of a new era in smartphone innovation. Since then, Samsung has upped the ante by releasing the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold2 – all of which have received enthusiastic reviews from both experts and customers. The ability of this new form factor to seamlessly switch between working, playing, sharing, and everything in between has caught the attention of South African influencers who embrace the ability of this new form factor to effortlessly multitask and allow you to switch between working, playing, sharing, and everything in between. This includes the following:

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Devices Expand the Capabilities of South African Content Creators

Kendall Aberdeen

The Galaxy Z Flip is a phone developed for Kendall Aberdeen, who is known for her minimalistic aesthetic and love of exquisite finishes. She was drawn to its trendy design and chose mirror purple since it not only complements her aesthetic but also allows her to tap and swipe to manage her phone even when it is closed, without breaking her flow on set. The phone’s small size appealed to her because it fits comfortably in one hand and in her purse. She like the device’s numerous creative features and versatility, which include the ability to capture quick selfies in flex mode or not.

Dr Sivuyile Madikana

The enigmatic digital health expert, Dr Sivuyile Madikana, characterized the Galaxy Z Fold2 as a well-organized smartphone that fits well into his lifestyle. He was wowed by the Galaxy Z Fold2’s adaptability, which included answering messages on the front screen, unfolding it to reveal a larger world to conduct business, and even taking games to new heights. He was equally thrilled that the multitasking experience made it simple to obtain the best of both worlds, whether he needed to rapidly answer calls or read articles before to meetings.

Sarah Langa

Sarah Langa, a student, fashion and lifestyle blogger, connects her Galaxy Z Fold2 with her Galaxy Buds Pro to fluidly flow through her day’s tasks, another perk of being linked to the Galaxy ecosystem. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 complements her way of life by achieving the ideal mix between increased productivity and content creation tools. Whether Sarah is meditating, attending meetings, attending class, or capturing content on the go, this device is up to the task.

Chipo Ncwana

Chipo Ncwana, a finance guru, can see how the Galaxy Flip fits his mindset with its gravity-defying design. For him, it’s all about having the freedom to fluidly integrate work and pleasure, armed with a device that’s built for every moment of the day. He likes the dual-screen feature since it allows him to watch his favorite YouTube markets channel while finishing work and chatting with pals. The Galaxy Flip is a perfect match for his way of life.

Many people in South Africa have embraced the Galaxy Z Fold2 and the Galaxy Flip, in addition to its celebrity supporters. These are technologies that can adapt to our lives, allowing us to multitask and enjoy immersive entertainment. They provide access to a whole new universe of possibilities. These are experiences you just won’t find on any other smartphone, whether you’re unfolding the primary display on our Galaxy Z Fold2 for a tablet-like experience to game, watch, or multitask, or positioning the display on our Galaxy Z Flip at the optimum angle for a hands-free video call.