Jolidee Matongo is the front-runner for mayor of Johannesburg

Tshidi Madia, an Eyewitness News senior political correspondent, claims that the finance MMC is a member of the ANC‘s Johannesburg group, and that the ANC will interrogate him. 

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Johannesburg City Council has decided to contact the province government in an attempt to compel a sitting to pick the late Mayor Geoff Makhubo’s replacement, according to Eyewitness News

Jolidee Matongo is the front-runner for mayor of Johannesburg

Tshidi Madia, a senior politics correspondent at Eyewitness News, has more. 

“The council has been waiting for the African National Congress to decide on a mayoral candidate. When a council is elected, they are typically given 14 days to make a choice about the mayor; but, when something like this occurs – a sad event in which Geoff Makhubo passes away – there is no such requirement.” 

“What has been going on is that for the longest period, the ANC in council has been arguing their own factional issue of who to field. The DA has expressed dissatisfaction with the situation and has asked the province to intervene. The ANC claims to have names, claiming that they have been presented to Gauteng. 

“Leading the charge is MMC Jolidee Matongo, who was previously the ANC’s regional spokesperson and is now the finance MMC. He is a member of the ANC-affiliated faction in Johannesburg. His name must now be submitted to the ANC, and he must be interrogated. The ANC has implemented a procedure in which candidates are interviewed to ensure that they possess the necessary qualifications.”

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